The Note 7 disaster did little to harm Samsung’s bottom line

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imageThe Note 7 disaster did little to harm Samsung’s bottom line

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    They also acted relatively quick to solve the issue. I think if they acted like Ford and tried to hide the facts they could have had a huge loss. Better to learn from your mistakes than trying to find excuses for it.

  • @RodneyVikens I totally agree, Samsung issued a recall the moment reports started coming in that the Note 7 was exploding and were just as quick to jump to action when reports surfaced that replacement Note 7's were also exploding.

  • It's funny - we had this discussion in the office a while back. I get the impression consumers in the US were much angrier and unhappy with the response, but I don't know if that's because a) the Note 7 was never officially released here so we didn't care so much or b) they have genuine grievances and Samsung was slow in its initial response.

  • @Adam Oxford I personally think their response was a bit irrational - granted their QA could have been better, but I'm not sure what more they could have done beyond what they did?

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